Third-Party Factories in China

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You can profit from the World´s factory independently your location in the world just using our staff of commercial agents and electronics engineers.

FactorWY supports you to find the right factories in China to produce your electronics devices and their accessories and coordinate the whole production process as well. 

In order to make this possible, our commercial agents are based directly in the Shenzen area where most factories and companies related to the production of electronics products have presence.

Normally, the electronic devices production involves the following steps:

  • Purchase of components -our staff of electronics engineers can support you to select the most convenient components in China-
  • PCB -Printed Circuit Boards- production
  • PCB assembly and quality check
  • production of plastic and metallic accessories
  • packaging
  • devices assembly

An additional difficulty to get produced electronics devices is that different factories are normally involved in different processes. So, coordination and production management is necessary as well.


Before Production:

FactorWY analyzes how your products can be produced in China: Production Analysis

FactorWY contacts the different factories collecting relevant information allowing you to  select the best ones for your products: Third-Party Factories Selection

FactorWY supports you with contracts details in English/Chinese.

FactorWY elaborates a Production Plan that includes indicators of success, etc: Production Plan

FactorWY ships samples to you before the massive production: Sample Shipment

FactorWY stores the material before massive production for you: Store


While Production:

Presence in the factories

Production management and coordination 

Quality Tests to check the previously defined successful factors

Shipment of samples


After Production:

Assembly coordination

Quality Tests