FactorWY Commercial Agency - China at Your Fingertips

Our services are intended to make possible for every Western company to interact directly in China without the need of having physical presence in the country.

If you want to save time and money in the interaction process with Chinese companies, FactorWY is the right option. FactorWY supports you to find the right suppliers and products, to solve communication problems with already exiting suppliers and to select factories to produce your electronics products.

Regarding production, nowadays and even in the future, the tendency is to design your electronics products and their accessories at the location you prefer but to produce them in China in order to be competitive for the global market. In other words, China is the world´s factory and if you want your products to be competitive, you must take advantage of producing here!

Unfortunately, taking this advantage is just possible for the Western companies that firstly overcome the idiomatic and cultural barriers. However, this is normally just possible for big companies that can afford the investment for directly establishing in the country.

Kipping this in mind, our goal is to make your company to become one of them but without the need of being physically here. This is in the most practical and economical way. In other words, the main FactorWY´s aim is to put China at your fingertips.

Local Interface in China

In order to overcome the distance and the huge idiomatic and cultural differences between Western companies and Chinese companies, FactorWY offers the optimal solution.

You contact our commercial agents in Western to inform them your needs. So, our resources in China can directly contact the Chinese companies on your behalf.

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Third-Party Factories in China

You can profit from the World´s factory independently your location in the world just using our staff of commercial agents and electronics engineers.

FactorWY supports you to find the right factories in China to produce your electronics devices and their accessories and coordinate the whole production process as well. 

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Import/Export from/to China

Of course if you want the world get products produced by you in China, we provide this service as well. This service is also necessary if you need to import parts from other countries to get your final product.

FactorWY is based in the Shenzen area, so you profit from the highly developed transport infrastructure not only of Shenzen but also Hong Kong.

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